Benefits Of MSM

Benefits Of MSM

MSM, also known as Methylsulfonylmethane, is a supplement that is particularly common among people who experience symptoms related to arthritis. The supplement is often promoted as a natural remedy for treating symptoms like inflammation and pain that affect the joints. Additionally, the supplement is often also promoted as a product to help boost the immune system, allowing the body to fight off disease and infections more effectively.

While many claims have been made regarding the use of MSM, it is important to consider the current scientific evidence and understand in what areas the supplement proves to be useful. This would also allow a person to consider if MSM might be an ideal supplement for them when they want to use it for a specific purpose.

What Are The Benefits Of MSM Supplements?

Most people who buy MSM supplements do so with the hopes of experiencing a reduction in inflammation and pain that are caused by arthritis. This disease causes joint degeneration, which essentially leads to pain in the affected areas. Commonly affected regions on the body include the hands, knees, the hips, and the back.

Studies have proven that MSM supplements are, indeed, effective in treating arthritis-related symptoms. In  one Study there was a significant reduction in joint-related stiffness, pain, and inflammation, after participants were provided a daily dose of 1.2 grams MSM over a 12-week study period.

Other benefits that MSM may also provide those who take the supplement under certain conditions may include:


  • In athletes, the use of an MSM supplement may help to speed up muscle recovery following a workout session. In one Study, a total of 18 male participants were provided an MSM supplement. Exercise-induced damage dealt with the muscles of the participants were significantly reduced with the administration of MSM. Furthermore, scientists also noted a significant increase in antioxidant activity when MSM supplementation was utilized.
  • Studies have found that Sulfur, which is a critical component of MSM supplements, tend to play a crucial role in the maintenance of a healthy immune system. With the use of MSM supplements, the immune system may become stronger. It has been found that certain inflammatory markers in the body, including TNF-a and IL-6, reduces significantly with the use of MSM supplements.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of MSM may also be beneficial for the skin. It has been found that inflammation contributes to skin cell damage. This, in turn, leads to the development of wrinkles and other issues that are usually associated with premature aging. When inflammation is reduced, the damage dealt with skin cells also decreases. Additionally, it has also been found that the cysteine content that is found in MSM supplements help to enhance the production of keratin, which may help to strengthen the skin and improve overall skin health.



While Methylsulfonylmethane is naturally found in the human body, increasing the bioavailability of the compound through dietary supplements may yield certain positive effects. The dietary supplement is relatively easy to obtain, and they tend to be relatively affordable. Scientific research supports the use of MSM supplements in the treatment of arthritis, rosacea, and other health conditions.



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