Allan Sutton's My Colloidal Silver Glass 1000 ml

Allan Sutton's My Colloidal Silver Glass 1000 ml
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Allan K Sutton My Colloidal Silver*Glass 1100ml

My Colloidal Silver is a powerful antimicrobial liquid that contains minute silver ions suspended in 100% pure water. My Colloidal Silver is commonly used as a natural antibiotic, to fight disease and to promote healing. My Colloidal Silver helps destroy bacteria; fungi and viruses without damage the beneficial human bacteria and tissue cells. Therefore, My Colloidal Silver is completely safe for the use by the whole family, acting as 'a second immune system'.



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Brand Allan Suttons

Colloidal Silver

By: Catherine on 7 September 2017
Great product and excellent service from purchase to delivery I have been using this product for many years a little a day keeps me healthy

Only use when needed but wouldn't be without it.

By: Kevin D from Newcastle NSW on 1 September 2017
My wife had a really bad cough a few years ago. The doctor gave us the asthma drugs and a ventilator which she did use but I did a bit more research on colloidal silver and bought a nebulizer and put a few ml into that and after breathing that it did as much good as the drugs - so we stopped the drugs and she used that for few more days till she got over it. ____________________________________________ I then shared this will my nephew and his wife, just in case. A few snippets from our conversations: ____________________________________________ What superb timing you have!!! Lily has bronchitis at the moment and we are pulling our hair out trying to help her (without antibiotics of course) I'm off tomorrow to buy a personal steam inhaler and get onto my naturopath to get me some colloidal silver!! Will report back in a couple of days to let you know how we get on. ____________________________________________ I have thought before a nebuliser would be a good idea but never had anything to put in it. Will report back with my findings!! Poor little chicken has barely slept last night for coughing so keeping her home today and will nebulise 3 or 4 times. ____________________________________________ Just giving you an update on Lily. I kept her home from school Wednesday and nebulized with colloidal silver 5 x, kept her home Thursday and did it 3 x. She went to school today, no nebulizer and the cough is all but gone!!! She was so bad Tuesday night I was almost ready to take her to the hospital! Your email was meant to come when it did, I will be using colloidal silver a lot more often from now on! That's 1 for natural medicine & 0 for modern medicine :-)

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